Google+ Moments that never end (Vedi Vivere)
Award: Bronze at the Annual IAB MIXX 

The business opportunity: Drive trial of Google+ in Italy. Our solution: Create a campaign around ‘Motion+’ - a feature that creates GIFs from photos, allowing great moments to be lived over and over again. Custom-built digital screens allowed passersby to interact and submit their GIFs. Online, people used their webcam to take photos and try the feature in real-time. The best submissions were showcased in our ads and in the famous Triennale Design Museum. My role was developing ideas and executions, as part of a creative team. I also took part in client presentations and managed freelance designers.

Results: Increased awareness on mobile by 13%. • 8000+ GIFs created. • 114% growth in active users. • 88% growth in photo usage. • Over 3M organic views.