Sony Vaio: The Online Script Project

Campaign BIg Awards finalist
One Show Merit Award
Webby Awards nominee
Creative Review Annual
IAB Grand Prix Award winner

Over 8,000 scripts submitted
50% of visitors bookmarked the site
Over 6 minutes average dwell time

Business opportunity: Leverage the influence of John Malkovich to sell more laptops.

Solution: Invite people to collaborate with John and his Sony VAIO to write a short film. He wrote the first sentence to be completed by participants and throughout the campaign he fed back on submissions and, ultimately, chose three winners. We turned the final script into Snow Angel

After generating the idea, as part of a creative team, I worked closely with John Malkovich's agent and the social media agency to execute the campaign and bring the project to life. In the end, I oversaw the final film and created supporting online ads for it.